Sheriff’s Office To Aid Children With Hugable Teddy Bears

Many times during the course of a normal shift, Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputies encounter children in various situations who are distraught or need to be comforted. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, in kicking off its “Bearable Hugs” for Georgia’s children campaign, received teddy bears in hope of bringing comfort and putting a smile on the face of a child.

The Division of Child Support Services under the Georgia Department of Human Services in a joint effort with the Fatherhood Program, collected bears and other stuffed animals throughout the state from individuals, churches, business and other organizations. 

The Division of Child Support Services helps Georgia’s children by enforcing the parental responsibility to financially support children.  The Fatherhood Program serves non-custodial parents who are unable to pay their child support by helping them find employment and other services that promote self-sufficiency to support their children.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office sincerely appreciates the efforts of everyone involved and hopes to use bear donations to help calm a child during tense situations. 

In addition, the FCSO would like to pay special thanks to the staff of the Rome Office of Child Support Services, and Georgia  Fatherhood Program members: Monta Jackson, Salvanzo Jackson, Gregory Johnson who are featured with FCSO employees Sgt. Cindy Holcombe, Sgt. Jamie King and Mechelle Cliatt.