FCSO’s Turning Point Program To be Featured on A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight”

Creating a positive impact for the community is one of the most important goals for the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies strive to accomplish this on a daily basis in the things they do, including volunteering for one of the Office’s most successful programs, Turning Point. In the Turning Point program, At-risk youth from across the county complete a day long “real life” immersion into the daily life of an inmate at the Floyd County jail. “It’s very realistic” says Sheriff Tim Burkhalter. “The youth get to see what could await them if they do not make some lifestyle changes.”

During this Turning Point class, cameras were rolling as a film crew from A&E Television documented the events for their new season of the Emmy nominated program “Beyond Scared Straight.” According to producers, the show shot at the Floyd County jail should air sometime near the first of the year.