The Professional Development Division (PDD) is primarily responsible for conducting generalized and specialized training for all personneBobby Pearson, Captainl.  PDD also facilitates promotional and new hire assessments; serves as the clearinghouse for staff commendations and complaints; conducts internal affairs investigations;  maintains and oversees the revision of policies and procedures; and maintains certification and accreditation files.  The division staff assist other agencies and regional academies in conducting annual training.

The  Professional Development Divisions is overseen by Captain Bobby Pearson.  To contact the division, call (706) 314-0706 or visit the website at


Employment Information

The new hire process for the Sheriff’s Office is initiated through Floyd County Government Department of Human Resources.  For general information about entry-level positions, click the position notification below.

More detailed information about how to apply for positions at the sheriff’s office can be obtained by visiting the Floyd County Government website.  Click the logo below to be redirected to the county’s website:


A list of pre-employment qualifications is below.  Please click the link and review the requirements prior to applying.  If you fail to meet any of these qualifications, you are not eligible for hire at this time.

Pre-Employment Checklist of Qualifications

For your convenience, below is a link to download our application and a list of documentation, testing and other requirements.  You may also apply online by clicking the link below:

  • Employment Application
  • Documentation, Testing and Other Requirements (a copy of each must accompany your application):
    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Certified Birth Certificate (see application for additional options)
    • Military Form DD-214
    • Driver’s History (7 years)
    • Official documentation of test scores taken within the past three-years for ONE of the following test instruments (a link to the test’s official website is provided):


Commendation/ Complaint Information

Below is a pamphlet that explains how you can commend our staff or file a formal complaint.  The FCSO prides itself on quality service and transparency.  Please help us better serve Rome/ Floyd County!