The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is a community minded agency driven by a solid mission.  It is the mission that motivates our agency to provide quality programs and services and form valuable partnerships through the Rome/ Floyd County community.

Our Mission

The mission of the FCSO is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of this community, to perserve the peace and to prevent crime and disorder while constantly guarding personal liberties as prescribed by the law.

The mission is guided by 4 priorities:

  • Respect for Each Other– Employees deserve a decent working environment, one in which relationships are characterized by mutual respect.  We will listen actively, talk straight and act fairly.  We will encourage each and every employee to contribute and grow to his/ her fullest potential.  We will work together as a team and appreciate the contribution of all.
  • Community Focused- The community is our customer.  As such, it is the community who muct define quality service.  We will form partnerships with our citizens and listen to them.  We will stay close.  We will remember that every contact between a member of the community and any part of the FCSO is where opinion is formed.
  • Worthy of Trust- The FCSO has achieved its’ reputation as a nationally accredited law enforcement agency becuase it has earned the trust of the community.  WE will safeguard that rust.  We will keep our promises.  Whether on or off duty, we will behave according to the highest set of ethical standards.  We will protect the rights of citizens.
  • Always Improving- Business is service.  The only way we can improve our business is to improve our service.  We are constantly in a learning mode.  We are willing to examine what we do to make changes to improve.  The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office is…

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+Positive in the Community