The Sheriff’s Community Posse

The Sheriff’s Community Posse is an all-volunteer organization under the direct supervision of the Sheriff, that responds to the call of the Sheriff in times of great need or emergency. In times past, the Sheriff called out the Posse in the event of an escape or roundup of bad-guys. Today’s Posse is much different, yet in some ways the same. Although The Sheriff’s Community Posse today still responds to the call of the Sheriff in times of emergency, natural or man-made disaster, plane crash or other emergency event deemed worthy of a Posse “callout,” the goal is an eclectic function of support, community involvement, and emergency response.

Although the Sheriff can assign “arrest powers” to a posse member, very rarely does that ever happen. Community Posse members do not have arrest powers unless given so by the Sheriff and the extent of those emergency powers last only until the event is exhausted.

The Sheriff’s Community Posse, when activated, does have the benefits (insurance, workers compensation, etc.) of a Deputy Sheriff during the emergency event. All Posse members undergo an extensive background check by the Sheriff’s Office and are not armed unless designated by the Sheriff. All Sheriff’s Community Posse members should have a valid ID card issued by the Sheriff’s Office.

Today’s Sheriff’s Community Posse is multi-faceted and divided into three divisions:

The Emergency Unit

The Emergency Unit responds at the call of the Sheriff to the scene of such emergency, sets up command post and conducts search, rescue and recovery services at designated locations. This unit is trained on search methods, crime scene preservation, and immediately notifies the appropriate police agency upon recognizing a crime scene. This unit trains locally with the Floyd County Emergency Management Agency and is a modern day equivalent to its early predecessors. While many members still have horses, many others have ATVs, airplanes and boats that include a dive team.

The Support Unit

The Support Unit gathers resources for the emergency unit maintaining the Command Post & supplying the necessities for prolonged events such as food, water & shelter. The support unit also handles the finances of the Community Posse and schedules community events for the Posse. This unit maintains the demographics of the Posse by maintaining the lists of Posse members, phone numbers, resources available and carries the responsibility of coordinating the response of the Emergency Unit.

The Community Resource Unit

 The Community Resource Unit’s goal is to play a proactive role throughout the community while being in touch with and responding to the needs of the community. Activities such as helping with organized events, the Sheriff’s Santa Program, and the CHAMPS Program are among those that will be performed by this unit. The goal is to create a positive image of the Sheriff’s Office while giving back to the community in both a proactive and reactive realm.