On behalf of Sheriff Tim Burkhalter and Chief Tom Caldwell,

We are enlisting the support of the Rome/ Floyd Community to help hurricane victims.  The Sheriff’s Office has establish a non-profit entity called RomeGaCares to manage the donations and logistics of these disaster relief efforts.  Now, we need you to spread the word and rally the troops!

We have secured the “big ticket items” by acquiring a location for donation drop-off and storage at 1929 North Broad Street, and tractor trailers for transport.  We will be receiving donations from the community for a period of at least three weeks.  You can help RomeGaCares in the two following ways:

  • Volunteers– Volunteers will be needed to accept and assemble donations and load trailers.  These efforts must be coordinated through our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing  Please send us the number of volunteers and the dates and times of their availability.  The coordinator will then get back in touch with you to confirm when you are needed.  We want to make the best use of everyone’s time.
  • Donations– Below is a list of the specific items we will accept.  We will not accept any donations of clothing, shoes, furniture…  We prefer to accept only those items that are needed most, so please use the list as your guide.  A monetary gift may also be contributed by clicking the shopping cart at the bottom of this page.  Other methods for monetary contributions are listed on the attachment.

Disaster Relief Kits List

We will begin our efforts on Friday, September 1 from 8AM-6PM at the North Broad site.  We will be open  Monday- Friday from 8AM-6PM and Saturday from 8AM-5PM until Friday September 15.  Please coordinate your volunteers, gather donations and get the word out.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or on the RomeGaCares Disaster Relief Hotline at 706-252-0978.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment!  You are greatly appreciated!